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Judges and prosecutors in terms of privacy violations, soft-drugs prevalence and criminal justice are head to head with the Dutch Cabinet.

Soft Drugs should be removed from the criminal circuit
More then half of the judges and prosecutors are in favor of taking the soft-drugs out of the criminal circuit (52%). More than 12% even considers taking hard-drugs out of the criminal circuit. With this report shows both opinions are ….

One in Ten Judges thinks the Netherlands is on it’s way of becoming a police state.
The anti terrorism methods are too intrusive, was the opinion of almost half of the questioned majesties (48%). The judges are also concerned about the privacy of the citizens (41%). Ten percent even thinks that the Netherlands is turning into a police state. 49% says Holland has not become safer.

Judicial errors are unavoidable
Even though a majority (80 %) is in favor of the possibility for reviewing the sentences/cases, 55% is against the re-trailing of pronounced ‘not guilty’ cases.
The results are based on a representative random poll on majestries (489 judges, 140 prosecutors and 22 Judges in college).

On Oct. 22, The New York Times reported Walters' public  support for a drug decriminalization proposal by  Mexican President Felipe Calderon, quoting Walters  as saying, "I don't think that's legalization."  Under Calderon's proposal, individuals caught  with small quantities of marijuana would receive  no jail sentence or fine and would not receive a criminal  record so long as they complete either drug education or, if  addicted, drug treatment. Unlike proposals  supported by MPP, the Mexican president's proposal  would also decriminalize possession of small  amounts of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine.

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